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The Long, Hard, Cock of the Law

College jock, Drew Pfeiffer, never gave much thought to how he treated others, particularly the women he dated. It wasn't personal, he was simply too self-involved. Except in the case of Josh, a towel boy, who really got under his skin. With Josh, it was personal, but if pressed, he couldn’t say why.

As college students go, Drew was the jock cliché: athletic, sexy, buff, popular, smart, cocky and arrogant. And just about everybody loved him; even those who hated him. This was, ironically, especially true of the one guy who had the most reason to hate him.

However, not everybody was okay with Drew's behavior, and he was about to get a dose of his own medicine, in the form of his favorite sexual fantasy—but with a twist. Drew would find himself incarcerated, locked in his own private jail cell, and completely at the mercy of a voluptuous, sexy, amorous, nymphomaniacal, cop. But there was one significant glitch... the cop was a man.

Drew was about to learn, from a man, the effect his actions had on the women in his life. He would also discover just why he was so antagonistic to the one person who had the most to offer him. Drew was about to find himself rehabilitated.

The Gods must be Callng

He's coming out—Olympus style

Ethan is a closeted gay man, engaged to be married, and planning to spend the rest of his life in the darkness of the gay closet. And if darkness is what he wants, darkness is what he will get, deep in the heart of Olympus.

It started out innocent enough. He and his fiancée joined their church on a trip to the Mediterranean, to retrace the Apostle Paul’s missionary journey. As an enthusiast of Greek mythology, Ethan decides, last minute, that he would like to visit Olympus. His fiancée is not onboard with this, though, and she breaks their confidence by tattling to the preacher.

Yet Olympus is as interested in Ethan as he is of it. The moment he arrives in Greece, it reaches out to him, wooing him, beckoning him and casting its shadow over the hidden reaches of his mind. Something big awaits him on that mountain, and he MUST go.

Unfortunately, though, he gets lost, and falls to the bottom of a river, held underwater by the weight of his pack. Maybe God didn’t want him coming out here after all. However, Ethan is rescued, pulled up by the most beautiful man he’d ever seen. A man so gorgeous he makes Hollywood heartthrobs look amateurs. Secretly, Ethan calls him, ‘The God,’ or more specifically, ‘Adonis.’ He uses these terms not just because of the man’s face, but everything about him: his face (of course), his smile, his body, and his disposition.

He’s everything Ethan would expect a God to be. He oozed sensuality, he loved sex, and he liked Ethan, and he didn’t try to hide that.

However, Ethan already had a God. A rather capricious God at that; who had no tolerance for men who express their sexuality with other men. Somehow, Ethan is determined to appease this God, even if that means sacrificing his very soul.

But Adonis has something Ethan’s God doesn’t: Adonis can show Ethan what it’s like to be accepted just as he is. Adonis can show Ethan what it’s like to be connected to someone who reciprocates those feelings. Adonis can show Ethan what it’s like to be sexual and free.

Ethan’s God could never compete with this.

His new friend, The God, Adonis if you will, is about to take Ethan on an erotic journey deep into the very heart of Olympus. Ethan is about to take part in an epic tale of unbridled sexuality, challenging every one of his preconceived notions about sex, sexuality, and freedom… particularly about gay sexuality.

Ethan’s God never gave him a ride quite like this.

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