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Ben Tousey

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Ben Tousey is a writer, speaker, musician, and standup comic who has published several books under his name, and under the nom de plume Benjamin David and Timothy Ryker Kole. His genres include: religious satire (Benjamin David), gay supernatural occult thrillers (Ben Tousey), and gay romance (Timothy Ryker Kole). He has also written for corporate Web sites such as Microsoft, Toys"R"Us, and X10 Wireless.

As a singer/songwriter, he's worked with other singer/songwriters such as Matthew Ward, Annie Herring, and Nelly Greison, and Emmy award winning Jazz musician Roger Treece. His CD, Stolen Wine, was a smashing success with his two best friends and his mom. As a standup comedian, he has worked with Vanda Mikoloski from the What the Bleep do we Know? conferences, and has found that sense of humor quite handy when asked to speak for groups such as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Adopt a Cop, the International Association of Workforce Professionals, and the Northwest Association of Mothers of Multiples, just to name a few.

While Ben has had a varied career of theater, music, public speaking and comedy, there's one thing that drives him, and that is that we don't need to change who we are for anyone, not even god. While he believes very strongly in living with integrity, that integrity means showing up as us, who we are.

Because of his former connection to the ex-gay movement, and his own journey, he's often asked to counsel with church leaders and other religious organizations seeking guidance as they increasingly find themselves a greater part of this new discussion, particularly as gay marriage becomes normalized and gay people are speaking out like they never have.

His writing tackles many of the existential questions that face us all: Who are we, and why are we here; are we alone, or is there help out there that we can turn to? While he doesn't have the answers to these questions, simply playing with the possibilities has given his writing a certain depth that critics have called a real game-changer. His exploration of life on both sides of eternity, of what it means to be human, what it means to be alive, and what it means to be dead, have given his readers a lot to digest, and talk about all with great results.

Story Ideas and Interview Questions

Everybody has a coming out story. In Ben's case, when he couldn't decide if he should come out or go back to pretending, an overdose (not Ben's) and a visit from the Seattle police deparment would settle that question for him.

From Ben's perspective, at the very crux of the anti-gay/anti-science movement; and at the very heart of the constant onslaught of religious freedom bills is fundamentalism's inability to come to terms with evolution. As long as they hold onto the notion that God created Male and Female, and therefore any variance is just "sin," the argument of biology, no matter how reasonable, will be ignored-even feared.

The story of Sodom and Gomorrah are the fundamentalist's go-to story to show just how much God hates gay people (well men, anyway). But what really happened in Sodom and Gomorrah? Ezekiel and Jesus seem to think that it was something else altogether-and the scholarship seems to back them up.

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Watch Ben's Standup Comedy

As a comic, Ben has played several venues, and opened for Vanda Mikoloski from the What the Bleep do we Know? conferences. Below are links to his performances.

Who is Ben Tousey

The best way we can think of to describe Ben Tousey is through the work of his critics:
Ben Tousey
Shall I compare him to a summer's day?
Of course not, don't be ridiculous!
He is certainly neither lovely nor temperate.
Shall I compare him to the moon, or the sun or stars?
Most assuredly he is nothing like them.
What then shall I compare him to?
Stomach cramps?
Athlete's foot?
Soon, I shall find a suitable comparison.

Bill S. Spear
Long time friend and barista to Ben

Defining Ben Tousey

If I had to define Ben Tousey with one word, then I guess that word would have to be Wonderful, Spectacular, Stupendous, Phenomenal, Incredible,! It's the impression of this critic that my son is amazing!


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