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We're Here, We're Queer, We're Fabulous!

Meet the NARTHissists:
And Visit the Land of the NARTHern Lies:

What is NARTHissism?

NARTH, the National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality believe that sexual orientation can be changed. They offer many forms of what they term "conversion therapy" to help their victims change what they call "unwanted sexual attraction" to members of the same sex. It was founded in 1992 by Joseph Nicolosi, Benjamin Kaufman, and the late Charles Socarides.

Can we talk about "unwanted sexual attraction"?
NARTHissists believe that I don't want to be gay. This is a bit of a paradox since they're also saying that I chose to be gay. I also chose to be a male, and chose to be five-foot twelve-inches tall. Now if only I had chosen a dad who wasn't an alcoholic.

Here's how I think the NARTHissists define "unwanted sexual attraction." It's a combination of guilt and fear, both of which they are creating and projecting onto me. But I love being gay. I love having sex with men.

I hear that the Archangel Michael is pretty hot. I wonder if he's seeing anyone.

The primary reason for NARTH to exist, and the reason it was founded (other than labeling gays sick) was to protect the reparative therapy industry and thwart attempts by the American Psychological Association (APA) to ban the practice. Aside from being reprehensible and full of made-up facts and pseudo science, reparative therapy is a cash cow. Unscrupulous practitioners make small fortunes and achieve notoriety at the expense of their clients' mental health and well-being.

NARTH's big lie goes like this: "In reality, there is no evidence that shows that homosexuality is simply genetic, and none of the research claims there is." According to Wayne Besen, "This phrase illustrates how slippery NARTH really is. The statement is "technically" true because the research cannot show, at this point, that homosexuality is simply genetic, but NARTH's statement conveniently omits the incontrovertible fact that a growing body of research points to a possible biological component to sexual orientation."

So what is NARTHissism?

NARTHissism is the act of creating pseudo-science to support dogma that cannot be defended by real science and a study of how the Universe actually works. NARTHissism is a strong dislike for homosexuality - whether it's in themselves or others, and it is accompanied by a complete lack of empathy to the pain that they cause anyone they come in contact with.

The Seven Deadly Sins of NARTHissism:

Sandy Hotchkiss identified what she called the "seven deadly sins of narcissism." We're introducing the "seven deadly sins of NARTHissism."
  1. Shamefulness - Shame is the driving force behind NARTH and their program is based entirely upon it. They create shame as a way of trying to coerce you to surrender your own individuality to their biased Borg-like notion of who you should be.
  2. Magical thinking - NARTHissists see themselves as scripturally correct, using biblical distortions and illusions known as magical thinking. They create pseudo-science to support their dogma and then defend it to the bitter end regardless of facts and that truth is against them. They then use projection to dump their shame onto you.
  3. Arrogance - NARTHissists make themselves right by deflating, diminishing and debasing any who disagree with them. They attack them personally, and threaten them with the wrath of God and an ever-burning Hell fire.
  4. Envy - NARTHissists take great joy every time they are able to successfully demoralize and discourage the gay community by opposing laws that would give them the same rights that NARTHissists themselves enjoy every day.
  5. Entitlement - NARTHissists consider themselves special because of their "choice" to deny and reject who they are inside. Any disagreement with their "choice" is considered an attack on their superiority and the detractor is considered a cynic, a disbeliever, immoral, depraved, decadent, secular humanist, or an "enemy of God." Continued defiance of their will can create NARTHissistic rage in which they try to shut you down, talk over you, or somehow stop your message from getting through.
  6. Exploitation - NARTHissists exploit the pain and suffering of others without regard for their feelings. They hide the fact that most of their members suffer greatly, and they refuse to acknowledge the pain they are creating.
  7. Bad Boundaries - NARTHissists do not recognize boundaries. They demand that you live your life by their moral creed. You either exist to honor their dogma or you may as well not exist at all. In fact, they will support any attempt to do just that-to make sure that those who oppose them no longer exist: whether it means going after their social and civil rights, or, in other countries, creating #Kill the Gays# bills.

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