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Acting Your Dreams:
Using Acting Techniques to Interpret Your Dreams

Every night after you go to sleep you become the star of a major motion picture.

In your dreams, your mind, body and imagination become intimately involved in powerful vignettes, so vivid that your brain is convinced that this is actually happening; and when you wake up you may find yourself still panting from fright, or laughing at some outrageous comedy, or puzzling at some bizarre mystery storyline.

Why not look at the dream as it is…... a movie. Learn how to script your dreams, and interpret your dreams like a movie. Use the same fun and outrageous techniques that actors use to understand your own starring roles.

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Tiger Taylor: The Boy who Talks to His Nightmares

Tiger Taylor is a little boy who has nightmares. One night, his mommy suggests that Tiger confront his nightmares. And that’s when Tiger formally meets Dreamwright (DW for short), the creator of his dreams. DW takes Tiger on a tour of his dreams, explaining as they go how dreams work and why they can sometimes be so frightening.

DW tells Tiger his true purpose. "I'm a messenger, and what I have to say is important. I'm only scary until you get to know me."

DW changes like dreams do, all in a way that helps Tiger understand what his dreams are trying to tell him.

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Stolen Wine CD Cover

If I had to define Ben Tousey's music in just one word, then I guess that word would have to be… Wonderful! Spectacular! Stupendous! Phenomenal! Incredible! It’s the impression of this critic that my son did a wonderful job.

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