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The Eye of the Morning

Book 1 of the Eye of the Morning Series

Jeff Laurent teaches night school at a downtown Seattle alternative high school and he is dying from leukemia. While he knows he's dying, he doesn't know that somebody wants his soul after he dies.

Can he beat death before it turns him into a monster?

It all begins with a chance encounter at a local bar. Jeff meets a beautiful man called Ogre, who looks like a cross between an angel and a demon: beautiful and powerful, but dark and sinister. He looks to Jeff like the combination of Archangel Michael, and Lucifer.

Ogre uses Jeff's attraction to his advantage, and poisons Jeff. Now that poison is working its way through Jeff's body, taking over, creating evil out of what was once compassion, destroying Jeff in ways the leukemia never could.

However, Ogre's poison has an unplanned effect. Ogre's victims, those whose lives have already been taken, are turning to Jeff for help, who somehow has the power to guide them away from their tortured existence.

What happens when a vampire crosses the line and becomes a shaman?

Read an excerpt from The Eye of the Morning.

God's Madmen

Book II in The Eye of the Morning series

Life comes with a quandary. It always ends, and it ends badly. And while you may live only a few years, you'll be dead for millennia. Still, being dead isn't everything it's cracked up to be. Life is an ironic bitch and Death has no sense of humor.

If Jeff thought that life was complicated, his death is downright problematic. Ogre has discovered that Jeff is journeying to the door, carrying Ogre's victims with him. Now Ogre is out for revenge. He has found a way into Jeff's own mind and he's determined to use that ingress to destroy everyone close to Jeff while at the same time forcing Jeff stand by helplessly and watch.

There's only one way Jeff can save himself and those he loves. He must make the most treacherous journey he's ever had to make. He's got to find his own soul and convince it to return to him.

Being a vampire isn't as romantic as it looks in the movies. Now that Jeff is dead, he has to figure out how to survive. Who knew that death was so much work? Dracula made this look so easy.

Read an excerpt from God's Madmen

The Warrior

A Fantasy about the End of the World

It's the end of the world as they know it. The Darklands doesn't know it yet, but their days are numbered.

He's the Most notorious gang leader in Darkland City's History. He has also become a military threat as well as a threat to law enforcement. Everyone knows his name, but no one has ever seen his face and lived to describe him. After the Darklands City's Gang Wars, all of Darklands held its collective breath, wondering, hoping against hope, that Wildy had died during that massacre.

But once again Wildy has revealed himself…, and this time it isn’t just Darklands City that's in danger, but all of the Darklands.

The Warrior was first published in 1995. It has been rewritten and a new version of the book is available on Kindle.

Read an excerpt from The Warrior.


Children of the Night

Book III in The Eye of the Morning series

He was too young to die, and when it was his time, he planned to do his dying all at once.

Julian was a young beggar in the medieval city of Omradam who was driven to thievery by extreme hunger: a single loaf of bread from a baker's cart. This single act would draw the attention of Omradam's top General, and Julian would find his arrest bittersweet.

The soldier was tall and powerfully built. The horse he sat upon was the biggest horse Julian had ever seen; and he positioned Julian directly in front of him. As they rode, Julian felt his slender body bouncing up and down amid the powerful thighs of his captor. On either side of him were the warrior's muscular arms. And behind him, Julian wished he could just sink into that burly chest.

But life is nothing, if not ironic. It is sometimes filled with pleasure, and sometimes filled with pain: most often at the same time. Julian was about to cross the line between the living and the dead.

This is the best book yet in the series

Read an excerpt from The Children of the Night.

The Haunting of Holden Castle

Holden Castle has dark, turbulent secrets, and two innocent young men find themselves standing, reliving the roles of earlier tragic figures, long thought dead.

Tony is an attractive young man recovering from a breakup with the man he thought he would spend the rest of his life with. On the bus from the airport to Holden Castle, which is now a famous hotel, he meets Sean, who has also just ended a long-term relationship with the woman he thought he was going to marry.

It’s the legend of the castle that’s its biggest draw. Prince Holden had fallen deeply in love with a servant girl, but was being forced to marry against his will by his father, dubbed the Tyrant King. When Princess Aednat discovered the Prince'’s secret love, she exposed it, and the Prince retreated within himself. So as an act of final revenge, she pushed him off the cliffs one night during one of his lonely walks.

At least that’s how the story has been told since fourteen-hundred.

From the moment they arrive, Sean and Tony experience a profound and distinct case of déjà vu, as if they’re living their lives and the lives of someone else at the same time. They discover that they are the secret.

As they say in the story, tragedies are easy to get into, they're hard to get out of, and this castle plans to finish this story even if it's not a happy ending.

Read an excerpt from The Haunting of Holden Castle

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