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Left Out:
What to do if You're Left Behind or Left Below

Tim LaHaye called it "Left Behind." Homer Simpson called it "Left Below." We're calling it "Left Out: What to do if You're Left Behind or Left Below."

Left Out is the story of twin brothers, Benjamin and David Bragg. Benjamin comes from the philosophy that all paths to God are sacred, and David believes that the only way to get to Heaven is to accept Jesus Christ as your Personal Savior and renounce your affiliation with the Democratic Party and declare war on anyone who would take 'Christ' out of Christmas.

The day finally arrives when nearly a billion people disappear from the Earth, most of them from the American South. Left behind are Atheists, Liberal Democrats, Secular Humanists, Feminists, and Catholics (Catholics don't believe in The Rapture). This splits the Bragg family right down the middle.

Ironically, on that day, residents of Earth make a profound discovery: those who opposed healing the environment —are gone. Those who oppose doing away with murder as a deterrent to murder —are gone. In fact, those who have stood in opposition to progress every step of Earth's evolution—are gone.

Meanwhile, in Heaven, things aren't going as expected. Despite the beauty and splendor, Heaven's new residents make a gruesome discovery. They're forced to be vegetarians (because they can't kill anything). There are no more ideological enemies (because there are no Democrats there). And they don't really like each other, but they're stuck with each other—forever and ever— hallelujah— hallelujah!

If you think the Antichrist is mad now, wait until he reads this book.

Read an excerpt from Left Out.

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My Egypt:
Why I Left the Ex-Gay Movement

Can you imagine what it must feel like to know you'’ve committed the unpardonable sin by the time you’re in Junior High? What do you do when, through no fault of your own, you discover that you are at the very top of God’s Hate List?

Being a Christian was never supposed to be easy, but imagine the difficulty when the very fact that you are who you are has predestined you for hell. If you’re born gay, and gay earns you a one-way ticked “straight” to hell, what else is left to do?

Perhaps fifteen years of reparative therapy will sate God's wrath. If you work at it hard enough, and long enough, you're bound to change who you are into someone else - someone God will finally love.

My Egypt is the story of one man who set out for the Promised Land only to learn that the the Promise wasn't for him unless he became someone else... someone he wasn’t capable of becoming.

Read an excerpt from My Egypt

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  • The Ex-Gay Pages: What we're really fighting
  • What is Reparative Therapy and why do they think it's necessary
  • The Lies behind NARTH and the Narthicisits and their hidden agenda
  • Responses to Christian objections to homosexuality and why the Bible is unreliable as their source
  • Other Resources for Gay and Lesbian Spirituality Issues

Acting Your Dreams:
Using Acting Techniques to Interpret Your Dreams

Every night after you go to sleep you become the star of a major motion picture.

In your dreams, your mind, body and imagination become intimately involved in powerful vignettes, so vivid that your brain is convinced that this is actually happening; and when you wake up you may find yourself still panting from fright, or laughing at some outrageous comedy, or puzzling at some bizarre mystery storyline.

Why not look at the dream as it is…... a movie. Learn how to script your dreams, and interpret your dreams like a movie. Use the same fun and outrageous techniques that actors use to understand your own starring roles.

Read an excerpt from Acting Your Dreams


Pilgrim's Egress:
A Rebuttal to Pilgrim's Progress

John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress was written in 1678, as a Christian allegory of the world to come. To this day it is considered one of the most significant religious works of English literature. But now it’s time for a rebuttal.

Pilgrim’s Egress uses the same metaphorical meme to show what happens when a resident of the City of Dogma discovers a small book: “A Book of Knowledge.” This simple book reveals that the very ground underneath Pilgrim’s feet is not only unstable, but built atop sinkholes and deep cavities.

Upon discovering this, Pilgrim finds himself at odds with those around him, and is eventually ostracized by friends and family. From here he will journey into the very heart of his own existential depression in an attempt to reconcile old beliefs to new revelations: truth built into reality.

Pilgrim’s Egress is the Hero’s Journey, the allegory of one man’s search for truth and a connection to the Universe — as it is, not as was told it should be.

Read an excerpt from Pilgrim's Egress

Tiger Taylor:
The Boy who Talks to His Nightmares

Tiger Taylor is a little boy who has nightmares. One night, his mommy suggests that Tiger confront his nightmares. And that’s when Tiger formally meets Dreamwright (DW for short), the creator of his dreams. DW takes Tiger on a tour of his dreams, explaining as they go how dreams work and why they can sometimes be so frightening.

DW tells Tiger his true purpose. "I'm a messenger, and what I have to say is important. I'm only scary until you get to know me."

DW changes like dreams do, all in a way that helps Tiger understand what his dreams are trying to tell him.

Read an excerpt and see images from Tiger Taylor

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The Warrior

A Fantasy about the End of the World

It's the end of the world as they know it. The Darklands doesn't know it yet, but their days are numbered.

He's the Most notorious gang leader in Darkland City's History. He has also become a military threat as well as a threat to law enforcement. Everyone knows his name, but no one has ever seen his face and lived to describe him. After the Darklands City's Gang Wars, all of Darklands held its collective breath, wondering, hoping against hope, that Wildy had died during that massacre.

But once again Wildy has revealed himself…, and this time it isn’t just Darklands City that's in danger, but all of the Darklands.

The Warrior was first published in 1995. It has been rewritten and a new version of the book is available on Kindle.

Read an excerpt from The Warrior.


Stolen Wine CD Cover

If I had to define Ben Tousey's music in just one word, then I guess that word would have to be… Wonderful! Spectacular! Stupendous! Phenomenal! Incredible! It’s the impression of this critic that my son did a wonderful job.

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